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   akatsuki babies (contains chibi-overload)
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(contains charecters from the aktsuki from naruto shippuden) (this was my first story i basically wrote for fanfic reasons, it contains many grammar aerroes etc, the first needs work but the second and + are much better so for this one short chapter
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what would happen if the akatsuki got turned younger?

-----------akatsuki base------------

"hey deidra DUCK"

as a poison needle flys past deidara

"dangit sasori wait till im off the target practice course!"

"sorry" as he grins

"itachi-san do you think tobi is a good boy?"

"go away tobi"

"do you?"



"because yor anoying"

"but i can be a good boy "

"tobi i swear i will destoy you where you stand if you dont sstop it NOW"

"but tobi is strong to i bet i could kick your butt !"

"i killed almost my entire clan i can kill a lollipop face i think"

"i bet nots cause tobi is good ...and strong!"

"yes i know youve said that 3 times now tobi "

"then lets have a fight"

"tobi your kidding right?"

"ummmmmmmmmmm um i think ummm...NO thats it "

"whats going on?"

pein says as he bursts into the room

"tobi wants to fight me"


"if youre gonna fight take it away from the base at least"

"fine"-rolls eyes-

"yay outside!"

"this i gotta see"

"if deidaras goin im goin to"

evreyone else:"me to!"

"but but what about our missions ?"


evreyone rushes outside into a bid clearing in the forest

tobi and itachi prepare

"place your bets now folks!"

"shut up kakazu!"


"prepare to have a 72 hour long toture tobi"

"how many days is that"

"just shut up and fight"

"kisame tell us when"


itachis eyes turn red with shereingian

a small red glow emits from tobies hole in his mask

"ummmm hey kisame"?

"yeah zetsu?"

youve seen itachis shernegian alot before right?"

"yeah it looks like hes almost going full power"

"but if tobis using sherengian also isnt that kinda dangerous?"

"well ive seen him use it against sauske he said that there shengians somehow forged and backfired"

"then what?"

"he said it was to powerful and he had to stop"

"it doesnt look like hes stopping here now"

"this might not be good zetsu"


as the say this the ground starst to crack between itachi and tobi

"uh oh "

the ground suddenly rips appart forming a huge crater suddeny a ball of chackra is created between them

"the sherengians power are combining"

"what if it backfires?"

"i dont know"

pein comes up

"knock it off and get back to the base"

deidara goes up to tobi

"tob you heard pein just stop now "

tobi turns to look

"what sempa-

suddenly the ball of chakra explodes sending bright lites across the entire clearing


the whole team is blown back by the huge explosion

------------------------------minutes later------------------------------------------------

"ow my head"

"is evreyone ok?"
konan ask as she runs into the clearing

"me and pein we just running up to see how thing were going and then whe got hit by this explosion"
"it looks like evreyones all right i think"

evreyone looks around and is sure evreyon is here and fine except a few cuts and bruises from the blowback

"well we bett er get back to the base"

"your right konan"

evreyone heads back to the base and by the time they get there its getiing dark

"screw this im turning in i got finish praying anyways"

"whatever hidan'"

"i gotta count my money before i go to bed i think im out to"

soon evereyone else decided to call it a night

--------------------------------------------the next morning-----------------------------------------------

itachi awoke to the feeling of bouncing on his chest

"huh" rubbing his eyes

"whats going on"

"iwtawchii wkake up itawchii!"

he opens his eyes to see deidara sitting on his bed

but this is not the 22 year old he knew this ws deidara but mereley 2 years old


he simply pointed at itachi

itachi looked down to see himself only but the age of 4

"what happend where is evreyone!?!"

"i dwont know"

"still sleeping?"

itachi ran out of the room looking for evreyone else


he ran back into the room to see deidara carefully trying to climb off his bed

"downt leave me here!"
itachi ran over and picked up diedara

he went to knock at kisames door but no answer

he set deidara down and ramed the door


but he mereley flew back

"im to small i cant break it"


deidra said fiddling with his fingers

itachi stood up and started slamming his fists on the door


"whos there"


"you dont soud like itachi....and i dont sound like me either!"

kisame ran do the door

"i cant ... reach....the door handle "

finally the door creaked open and kisame stood staring aat itachi and the young deidara behind him

.....kisame then broke into uncontrollable laughter

"HAHA what happend to you and him ...i sure would hate to be you "
itachi slapped his head and dragged itachi into the bathroom

"look" as he held a mirror to kisame

"my ...................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
"now do you see kisame something happendto you me and deidara mabye evreyone"
"we have to find the others!"

they both ran into the hallway...deidara slowly crawling behind


hidan slammed the door open


as kisame and itachi stared they noticed hidan was even younger than them


kakazu said as he leaped on top of hidan

kisame and itachi bothed tryed to hold in the laughter

"what the hwell diwd you di iwtawchi?"

"im not sure i dont even know whats happening"

kisame was rolling on the floor trying to hold in the lauhter turning blue from not bresathing ...oh wait hes always blue well either way

"wheres sasori"?

"i dont know"

they ran into sasoris room kakazu clinging to hidans arm


as they ran into sasoris room they say him sitting there reading a book like always

"ummmm sasori i dont want to scare you bu-"

"yes yes i know im a child "

"and you arent worried"

"actually im uite happy"


well since ive returned to a child form ive also retirned to human form"


"im not a puppet im pure 100% human"

"so you dont care?"

"not rea-"

just then pein and konan burst out of his room pein konan clinging to peins arm

"so i suppose it happend to evreyon then?"

wait a second....."


evreyone ran out of the room into the main area to see tobi humming to himself holding his mask to his face



the noise came from th kitchen

inside zetsu was watering his plants

"you didnt eat tobi!"

"of course not in my size i couldnt eat something that big"

"then i suppose evreyones here"?

"evreyone into my office"

"yes pein-sama"

after a few miniutes evreyone was gatherd in peins office

he climbed onto his desk and stood up

"it seems as thoughweve all been turned younger"

"but then why are you the oldest pein sama"?

"i beleive we wereallt urbed younger by the blast yesterday .. im still the oldest because i was the furthest from the blast "
"me to i was right in front of pein but still closer to the blast"

but then if i was the one who was i the battle why am i still not as young as others"
"well itachi its beacause your shengian slightly protected you"

"same thing for tobi except he had his back turned so it wasnt as strong"
"and the next closest person was........."

evreyone turns to deidara who was still fiddiling with his hands..he waved back

"he was so close to the blast thats why he is a baby and by far the youngest "
"evreyone else was in the crowd so it depended on there lengthis now there age"

"now what ......."

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