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   akatsuki babies (contains chibi-overload)
(contains charecters from the aktsuki from naruto shippuden) (this was my first story i basically wrote for fanfic reasons, it contains many grammar aerroes etc, the first needs work but the second and + are much better so for this one short chapter  [more]
Rating: 3.80
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#2 among all
   Our First Valentine
Kyou X Yuki pairing - slash meaning contains m/m relationship. was my very first fanfic - A oneshot about Yuki and Kyou's first meeting and their first valentines together.  [more]
Rating: 3.67
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#3 among all
   Kannazuki no Miko - a blushy date
This is a yuri story(also called "shoujo-ai" since it is essentially worksafe. The term yuri is however more appropriate, since shoujo-ai is not really a good term in itself), a fanfic set after the ending of the anime "Kannazuki no Miko". Cm_Zero said  [more]
Rating: 4.00
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» akatsuki babies (contains chibi-overload)
Category: Communal Section,  Posted on 11-15-2008 by deidara-un
» Our First Valentine
Category: Communal Section,  Posted on 10-19-2008 by buhbibutterfly
» Kannazuki no Miko - a blushy date
Category: Communal Section,  Posted on 10-15-2008 by Macha
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»Kannazuki no Miko - a blushy date  
Posted on 10-15-2008 by Macha
»akatsuki babies (contains chibi-overload)  
Posted on 11-15-2008 by deidara-un
»Our First Valentine  
Posted on 10-19-2008 by buhbibutterfly

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